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About Me

I am an observer of everything. I find some things horrific. I find others to be fascinating.

Amateur photographer. Amateur computer nerd.

Professional human being.

Smartass blogger.

History buff.

Sky gazer.

Solar Virgoan. Vesta Incarnate. Lunar/Full Blue Moon Piscean. Libra Rising. Virgo says “Tidy up this mess.” Pisces says “Maybe later.” Libra says “Can’t we all just get along?”

Chinese Firehorse.

Welsh/Scottish/Native American mix.

Animal lover. Nature lover. Music lover.

Feline mama.

Cast iron cook. Decent baker.

Coffee gulper. Tea sipper. Chocolate muncher.

Pick-up truck driving geek.

“Welcome to the Jungle…” ~ Guns -n- Roses

No religion. Our Creator is so much more than we imagine and, requires no worship. “It’s all just an experience.”


[Legal Disclaimer:
All of the data on this site is either (1) mine, specifically, (2) Chris Thomas’s material (he is aware of this site) or (3) distributed under Fair Use Policy. I would never want to infringe or steal anyone else’s material and I certainly would not want my material stolen. I will always provide credits and/or links to what I am blogging about using this Fair Use Policy. My photos will be from my personal collection and will be noted as such.

If I have shared something that another author does not wish to be shared, contact me.]

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