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Planet Earth: The Universe’s Experiment

Planet Earth Photo
ISBN 186163224-X

Publisher: ***NOTICE*** Capall Bann Publishing, Ltd. UK, is out of business. This book is permanently out-of-print.

Price: £11.95

“Who are we? Where do we come from? What is our purpose and why did we go wrong? Humans are not of the Earth but, have arrived on this planet to explore. On our joyous arrival, we encountered the spirits of the land; the Sidhe’ and the Faerie. As we became more human, we began to lose our memories of our origins and, the knowledge of our true purpose and potential. As we approach the completion of our climb back to reality, we are awakening the ghosts of this knowledge. Lemuria. Atlantis. The thirteen races have all played their part in ‘The Human Plan’ and all are now working to assist us to our chosen goal – full consciousness. But, time is short and, unless we complete our journey soon, the Earth will be lost to us. Virtually all our experience and history is at odds with the archaeological and scientific versions of our past. Only the Akashic tells the real history. What is told here is the Akashic’s story.”

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