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Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy

Human Extinction Photo
ISBN 1-86163-312-2

Co-Author: Dave Morgan

Publisher: ***NOTICE*** Capall Bann Publishing, Ltd. UK, is out of business. This book is permanently out-of-print.

Price: £16.95

“This is a book about power. The power to control the money supply, the power to control governments, the power to control multinational business, the power to control the media and, above all, the power to prevent the identity of those in power from becoming known.

The ability to wield this power has become known as ‘The Conspiracy’. This conspiracy has been at work for nearly 250 years and yet most are not even aware that this conspiracy exists. What this book does is to unlock the key secrets of the conspiracy and to identify the key players and the forces at work behind this power-base, including the Lucifer connection.

One of the most important questions we must ask is: What potential do humans have? Our inability to understand this potential is the reason for so much of the confusion surrounding ‘The Conspiracy’. We ‘know’ something is wrong but, we cannot quite pinpoint exactly what.

Many will find the research shocking whilst for others, it will fill in the missing pieces of the puzzle. As we approach the watershed date of 2012, more of us are realising that there are many things we do not understand and our lack of understanding is making us feel powerless.

This book can not only help you to understand why you have been so powerless for so long but, also how to regain your power and embrace the process of change.”

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