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The Universal Soul

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ISBN 1-86163-273-8

Publisher: ***NOTICE*** Capall Bann Publishing, Ltd. UK, is out of business. This book is permanently out-of-print.

Price: £12.95

“Our Universe explores the ‘what if’ of freedom of choice. Every soul here has the right to choose their own actions, their own directions. The only ‘law’ that applies is that no one can choose to act in such a way as to remove the free choice of another. Part of the ‘what if’ of this Universe was also to explore the possibility of fully ‘physical’ beings being created. This exploration of the physical has led to the existence of the Earth and all of the life that our Earth supports – a miracle of creation. Nowhere else does an abundance and joy for life exist to the extent it does on Earth. One thing has sustained this Universe above all else: the Earth must be saved at virtually any cost.

With humanity finally finding the answers to a question we asked ourselves 20,000 years ago, we are beginning to move forwards into a new phase of existence and this process of change is having an effect on the Universal energies that is beyond our full understanding. As we move into our new state of being, many questions arise within each individual.”

This book is a deeper exploration of the Akashic to try to find the answers and brings The Journey Home, The Fool’s First Steps and Planet Earth: The Universe’s Experiment fully up to date.”

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