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Chris Thomas. He is a Welsh scientist, was a healer and a psychic surgeon and, was an Akashic reader but, never a “channeler”. Interesting fellow, he is (or Cymrawd or Dyn). I own all of his books and, I’m pretty sure I have all of his essays and interviews. There may be more out there than what I have but, I at least have the bulk of his material.

This will serve as an unofficial chronicle of his work. Check out my links to the right (on a PC, laptop or tablet). If you are on a cell phone, the links are way down at the bottom of the page or, you can select Menu and choose Chris’s Material to read my specific posts on his writings and interviews. There is no Chris Thomas website, anymore (Wayback Machine archive) so, this pit stop will have to suffice and he no longer sees clients. Chris, or Di, if you ever happen to read this, I mean no disrespect. On the contrary…I am in awe of your talents and your stunning bravery (or Arwr or Harwr). Sorry that your special “archive” is across the pond, gathered up and presented by a Yank.

If you have any questions or comments regarding Chris’s material, contact me.

The Book Library

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The Journey Home
The Fool’s First Steps
Planet Earth: The Universe’s Experiment
The Universal Soul
The Human Soul: Universal Soul2
Project HUMAN EXTINCTION: The Ultimate Conspiracy
The Annunaki Plan? or The Human Plan?
The Healing Book
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Body
The Sequel To Everything