NOTD: Harbor Looks Like A Dolphin

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New York Post Harbor Image
Image Credit: NY Post
Photographer: Rhys Jones
South West News Service

This will make you flip out. Shocking new drone footage reveals a Wales marina is the spitting image of a dolphin, stunning viewers online. Photographer Rhys Jones was capturing images with his drone over Pwllheli, Wales, (Llŷn Peninsula, Gwynedd County) realizing for the first time that the UK harbor bears [a] resemblance to the beloved aquatic creature.

“In all my flight time over the Pwllheli harbor, I have never noticed this as much as last night. Spectacular! Once seen, it cannot be unseen. I have taken many photos of the beautiful area we live in. I have been over the marina many times but, only just noticed this amazing landscape on this occasion.”

Rhys Jones

For two years, Jones has used his drone to take photos as a hobby, flying over this marina several times and never noticing its mammalian shape. The photos made waves on his Facebook page, Pwllheli Drone Photos, this month.

Harbor Looks Like A Dolphin In Stunning Drone Pix
Brooke Kato
May 27, 2023

News of the Day

POTD: Dead Tree

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Yeah. It’s a dead tree but, it seems like a nice artistic piece. The owner finally took it down about two months, ago. ~Vic

Dead Tree Art
Click for a larger view.

Picture of the Day

Shutterbug Saturday: Sunsets Local 2.0

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First post was over four years, ago. ~Vic

December 2016
Click for a larger view.
Eno Sunset 2019
Click for a larger view.
Gold Park Sunset 2021
Click for a larger view.
Blue Hue 2023
Click for a larger view.

Shutterbug Saturday: Scenes From A ROT Rally 2006

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These shots were taken by my buddy and childhood friend, Hank…well, most of them. I grabbed the camera a couple of times. He shared these with me but, the copyright is all his. This was my first motorcycle rally and the first time I’d laid eyes on Hank in 20+ years. It was such a fun time and reunion and, the only time I have ever seen Joan Jett, live. “ROT” is short for “Republic of Texas”. The Rally suffered quite a bit during the plandemic and lost its regular venue in Austin. They are trying to make a comeback. ~Vic

Hank Image One
My Buddy Hank
Hank's Hog Image Two
Hank’s Harley
(in the center)
Bike Line-Up Image Three
So Many Motorcycles
Big Trike Image Four
Big Ol’ Trike
Flaming Bike Image Five
Shooting Flames
Joan Jett Concert Image Six
Joan Jett Concert Screen
Worn Out Image Seven
Worn Out
Orange Lights Image Eight
Night Lights
Blue Glow Image Nine
Blue & Green Glow
South Side Rider Image Ten
Polaris Slingshot Prototype?
Shot Of Me Image Eleven
Yep. This is me…several pounds heavier than today.
Notice my cute, pink Motorola flip-phone…
and my Marine Corps gear.
I was still issued to the Jarhead back then.

Snapshots Sunday: New Mexico

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This is somewhat of a companion piece to Walsenburg and Fort Sumner. These were shots taken after we left Fort Sumner and were on our way to Walsenburg. We passed by the Raton-Clayton volcanic field, which includes the Capulin Volcano National Monument. The Marine was in a hurry to head north and wasn’t interested in stopping for a volcano. ~Vic

NM Mountain Image One
Heading north on I-25
December 2008
Click for a larger view.
NM Mountain Image Two
Click for a larger view.
NM Mountain Image Three
Click for a larger view.
NM Mountain Image Four
Click for a larger view.

Foto Friday: Critter Collections 8.0

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I haven’t posted any critter shots in 3 1/2 years. Previous post, here. ~Vic

Leaf Critter Image One
Small bug that looks like a leaf.
Click for a larger view.
Bee Face Image Two
Got a bee’s face!
Click for a larger view.
Iris Bug Image Three
Cute bug but, I have no idea.
Click for a larger view.
Dragonfly Image Four
Skivvy waver dragonfly. LOL!
Brighter shot than the original.
Click for a larger view.
Mantis Image Five
Young mantis.
Different angle from the original.
Click for a larger view.
Missing Spider Image Six
Beautiful web.
Where is the spider?
Click for a larger view.