VOTD: Fancy Feet

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Let’s see if WordPress has fixed its video services. I tried to upload this video to YouTube but, it is trying to block the viewing to certain countries. Why, I don’t know. I hope everyone can see this. Snatched from Telegram. ~Vic

Update: Apparently, it is the Brave Browser that is causing trouble. The video works fine in Firefox. *sigh*

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Strange Saturday: Biting Drink Cans

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New heading… I have retired some others.

This guy makes my teeth hurt. ~Vic

Rene Golem Richter Image
Image Credit: Denik CZ

A Czech Republic man showed off his powerful jaws by biting 36 drink cans in half in one minute, earning a Guinness World Record.

René Richter, appearing on Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record, took on the Guinness World Record for most drink cans ripped in half with the teeth in one minute.

The aluminum cans were filled with water for the attempt and Richter was allowed to use only one hand, and his teeth, for each can. [He] chomped through 36 cans in the allotted time, successfully setting the record.

Ben Hooper
UPI Odd News
January 11, 2023

VOTD: Doggie Daycare?

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OMG, this is so precious. Four-legged children on the bus. I guess this is some form of doggie daycare? This is a Telegram video but, no information was provided. ~Vic

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