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POTD: The Purpose of Life…

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I am an avid herbal tea drinker. My favorite brand is Traditional Medicinals. They always put inspirational thoughts and quotes on the tea bag tag. I love this one. ~Vic

Tea Bag Tag Image
The purpose of life is…

POTD: Firebird In The Sky

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This one isn’t mine. This is a shot my buddy Ray captured at IBM. ~Vic

Firebird Image

POTD: Jupiter

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My stupidphone actually captured Jupiter. ~Vic

Jupiter Image
The white dot, top right, is Jupiter…believe it or not.

POTD: Caterpillar

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The weather has been gorgeous over the last couple of days. My birthday was nothing but blue skies and low humidity. Yesterday was the same. Now that we have Dorian headed towards an East Coast pub crawl, the clouds have been moving in. This looked like a giant caterpillar to me. ~Vic

Caterpillar Cloud Image
Taken today on my afternoon walk.

POTD: Whale & Calf

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This is what I see. What do you see? ~Vic

Whale Cloud Image

POTD: Jeep Truck

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You don’t see these things, anymore. ~Vic

Jeep in the 70s

Jeep J-10 Laredo
J-10 Laredo

POTD: Mark The Spot

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Ok. So. X marks the spot! ~Vic

X Sky Image

POTD: Eagle

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Taking flight with a fish? ~Vic

Eagle Cloud Image
Watching the sky.

POTD: Tree Shroom

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That is one big ‘shroom. ~Vic

Tree Shroom Image
Evening walk.

POTD: Grounding

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I understand that fellow blogger Cee has a Flower of the Day challenge. I may jump into that, soon. But, for today, I offer the Picture of the Day or Photo of the Day. Either works…:

Grounding Image
Pumas in the grass.
Me, grounding.

Finally, some warm weather. ~Vic