Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Your Body

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ISBN 186163098-0

Co-Author: Diane Baker

Publisher: ***NOTICE*** Capall Bann Publishing, Ltd. UK, is out of business. This book is permanently out-of-print.

Price: £17.95

But So Far Nobody’s Been Able To Tell You…

“Have you ever wondered why some people become ill and others do not? Why some people recover from illness and others do not? Do you know how your body really works? Why do diets rarely work? Is there an alternative approach to treating symptoms of illness instead of using prescriptive drugs? Well, here is a book which leads you through the body, organ by organ, system by system and explains in clear language how illness arises and, what to do about it. The first half of the book fully explains the workings of the human body in simple language and clear illustrations. It explains which elements are connected together and why they can influence each other. It also relates each region and organ to its associated chakra and how our day-to-day lives have an influence on our health and well-being. Every part of the body is dealt with in these ways and the suggestions on how to heal yourself by working on the root cause issues. This book also takes a look at how some illnesses are brought about by past life traumas. The second half of the book looks at ways of healing the symptoms of illness without the need for prescriptive drugs. Several forms of healing practices are used to achieve this: Bach Flower Remedies, Reflexology, Herbalism, Biochemic Tissue Salts and Homeopathy are the main approaches used with a further twenty-seven therapies fully described.

This is an extensive, comprehensive look at the body and illness. It is also one of he most comprehensive guides to alternative treatments currently available.”

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