The Healing Book

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ISBN 186163053-0

Co-Author: Diane Baker

Publisher: ***NOTICE*** Capall Bann Publishing, Ltd. UK, is out of business. This book is permanently out-of-print.

Price: £8.95

“This book is for those who wish to heal starting at the beginning of the healing process with simple, easily followed exercises which can begin to unlock the healing potential which is inherent in all of us. Nobody needs to feel left out of these abilities.

We are all healers. All that we need to do is to stop telling ourselves that we are not. Whatever level of experience you have of healing, this book explains in simple, uncomplicated language that does not use mysticism or any form of ritual…how to understand the ‘Chakras’ and the way in which our daily lives influence them…to relate medical conditions to the chakras and to learn methods which will bring the chakras back into balance, both for yourself and for others. These methods apply equally to humans and to animals.

If you do not have any experience of giving healing but, would like to learn, this book can set you on that path. If you already work as a healer, in whatever capacity and would like to explore your greater potential, this book is also for you.

The authors have a combined experience of over twenty-five years of providing healing and have taught very many people to unlock their own healing potential. The first half of the book is about learning to heal from the beginning. The second half of this book begins to explore some of the energy manipulation techniques used by the authors in their daily practice as ‘Psychic Surgeons’.”

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