Project Human Extinction: The Velon Conspiracy

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An Article From: The Chris Thomas Files

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21 December 2012 was a monumental date in human development and, human history, and yet, very little seemed to have happened. Since this date, it seems to be business as usual for the trans-national industries, Bilderbergers and Illuminati…all of these organisations pushing harder and harder for control over individual freedom and, the right of free speech. Secret agendas are being advanced and, anyone who becomes a “whistle-blower” is attacked and pilloried in the media. What should have happened on 21/12/12, is that humanity underwent a shift in levels of consciousness that would have swept away everything of the old, releasing us to begin a new future where everything would have been a new possibility, a new potential.

What actually happened was that most of the population of the Westernised world were misled and misdirected by a race of non-humans who have been in control of world and industry leaders for over 300 years.

This race of non-humans the Akashic Records calls “Velon” but, most people know them by different names. The Velon have divided themselves up into six “races”:
Anunnaki, Hathor, Johnaan, Jjundaa, Oa and Mila.
These race divisions amongst the Velon follow along similar lines to humans calling themselves Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc…or German, Australian, Indian, etc… The Velon are what the Akashic describes as a “semiphysical” race in that they have a physical form and, a physical density but, exist at energy frequencies considerably outside of the human range of senses. Even if someone is psychic, it can be difficult to be able to “see” one of the semi-physical races (other races of this type are the Pleiadeans, Greys, Blues, etc…). [1]

The Velon have an intention towards the Earth that requires the removal of humanity and most other living things.

This might sound like the plot for a Sci-Fi “B” movie but, the Akashic records that the Velon see themselves as “God’s chosen people” who should be living on “God’s chosen planet”, namely, Earth. There appear to be a number of reasons why the Velon see themselves in this way and none of them are easy to explain.

Each of the six Velon races developed their own strategy to take control of events on Earth and find ways of misleading the human population into believing that we should leave the planet or “ascend” in some way. By far, the greatest impact on human life has been by the “primary” Velon, Velus. Velus could be described as the consciousness of the Velon solar system who took it upon himself to control human activities in a very direct way. This direct action [began] about 300 years ago.

Human Extinction Image Two
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The Illuminati

In 1773, the international banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild proposed to a group of his closest friends that, if they pooled their resources together, they could control the world. This proposal was taken seriously and a man was found who could head the organisation that Rothschild proposed. This man was Adam Weishaupt who established the Order of the Illuminati on 1 May 1776. With the Illuminati in place, they began to form strategies for financial and political control and, this organisation came to the attention of Velus. Velus effectively took control of Weishaupt in a way that many would consider a “walk-in.” Velus has been in control of the Illuminati ever since. It is only in very recent years that Velus has been deposed and the Illuminati taken over by human politicians.

In 1782, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, the Illuminati took full control of the Ancient Order of Freemasons and have remained in full control ever since.2 From documents seized at the time, the stated aims of the Illuminati are:
The abolition of all ordered governments; the abolition of private property; the abolition of inheritance; the abolition of patriotism; the abolition of the family; the abolition of religion and the creation of a World Government. The first act brought about by the Illuminati was the French Revolution in 1789. When this failed, ten years later, they turned their sights on the newly formed independent country of the United States of America where the majority of the signatories of the American Constitution were Freemasons.

Over the intervening centuries, the Illuminati have gradually taken over control of many organisations, many governments and set up a “management level” commonly known as the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderbergers are a group of industrialists, media owners, statesmen, politicians and other advisors who meet every year to plan how to carry out the directives of the Illuminati. By controlling the media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, books and the Internet), the Illuminati, through the Bilderberg Group, control the flow of information into the outside world. If they require to cover-up any event, they just don’t publish it…such as “Disclosure,” for example. If they want a politician out of office because they are no longer following the Illuminati line, they do so. If they want to appoint politicians to senior positions, even the leader of a country, they can do so regardless of so-called democratic elections.

To continue reading, download the PDF version HERE (Page 71).

[Note: The original article was written in 2013 and printed in the July edition of the New Dawn Magazine.]

[1] According to the Akashic, there are a total of thirteen races within the Universe. Six are of “nonphysical” origin. This means that they exist in a pure soul state without physical form or density. Ninety-nine point nine percent (99.9%) of the souls that are on Earth in human form are souls from one of these six races. These six races are so similar to each other that we do not have separate names for them. There are seven “semi-physical” races. These beings do have a physical form, and density, and see each other as being as solid as humans see each other. Their soul energy patterns, though, mean that if they travel to Earth, the chances are that we would not see them unless they chose to make themselves visible. The seven are:
Pleiadean, Sirian, Greys, Blues, Crystalline, Velon and NGC 584. Souls from these races make up less than one per cent of the humans on Earth. For more details about these races see my book Planet Earth: The Universe’s Experiment.

[2] For more details on the Illuminati, see Project Human Extinction: The Ultimate Conspiracy.

13 thoughts on “Project Human Extinction: The Velon Conspiracy

    floatinggold said:
    May 13, 2019 at 1:14 PM

    I’m curious about Velus. Why was he deposed and how? Do the politicians that took over know who he is?


      The Hinoeuma responded:
      May 13, 2019 at 5:35 PM

      At the moment, I can answer your second question. The first one is complicated and I will need to re-read some passages. There are actually TWO Veluses (this race of beings, literally, pulled up stakes, abandoned their declining solar system and brought with them a solar system-sized soul & a planetary-sized soul).

      To the second one, yes, EVERY human that was involved with this solar system-sized soul KNOWS. If you have ever caught wind of something called “The Black Sun” or black sun worshippers, that was him. This soul walked in to Adam Weishaupt and ruled with a mindblowing power. Weishaupt had actually died and Velus re-animated his body. Needless to say, the Rothschilds, and, even George Washington, himself, took his direction.

      Every politician alive that is involved with Bilderberg, Davos, Rothchilds, Rockefellers, you name it, KNOWS. These people were more than happy to step in and run things. The Velon are still here despite being told to leave and banishment from the entire Universe. People like Tom Kenyon and his wife keep them here by desiring it…to the detriment of Earth and humanity. Earth’s guardians can’t do anything because of Free Will.

      I will get back to you on question one.

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      The Hinoeuma responded:
      May 15, 2019 at 11:07 PM

      Ok. This may get wonky (not the British term; think ‘policy wonk’) but, here goes…

      From the Project Human Extinction book (2009)…
      Chapter 6:
      All solar systems have a consciousness, a soul who constructs the sun(s) and planets onto which other life is either specially created by that consciousness or the new life are souls who have been ‘created’ to be there. [NOTE: exception: our solar system; we are special; our sun is one consciousness, all the souls that are planets came in on their own, including Earth; there is no solar system consciousness here, just individual souls acting together to form a solar system; this solar system is the testing ground and all life in the Universe is watching.] In the case of the Velon system, there were two consciousnesses; Velus 1 and Velus 2. Velus 1 was not known about until very recently…

      [At this point, as I read, I must correct the previous statement, above. Velus 1 & Velus 2 were not solar-system sized & planetary-sized souls, respectively…they were twin solar-system sized souls, Velus 1 being primary…page 141. Plus, the Velon race had a planet in their system called Velus, as well…just to make things even MORE confusing.]

      About 1,000 years, ago [Earth time], the Velon discovered an energy flow outside of their own galaxy. The flow was headed to Earth. Two disinterested (depressed?) solar-system souls were suddenly very excited. They decided that the energy flow belonged to the Velon race and the planet that the energy was going to [us] belonged to them, as well [go figure; Chris couldn’t find out why; the Velon went after him when they discovered that he had remote-viewed into their part of the Akashic]. Velus 1 traveled to Earth, leaving behind Velus 2 and the Velon race. While he was gone, Velus 2 ‘encouraged a space race’ between the six factions. It took 800 Earth years to build ships & travel to Earth [all of them]. They arrived in the early 1800s and were surprised to find Earth inhabited. They went back to their solar system after implanting some humans with recording devices and studied the real-time data they were receiving [this was done without knowledge or approval of those humans…free will violation]. They watched us ‘war’ with each other and thought we might eventually kill each other off. So, they waited and watched.

      While studying, the Annunaki, in particular, were very interested in our religions. They created a story, weaving together some history of their solar system [the Nibiru nonsense] with our religious stories. Once they completed it, a group of them traveled back in time 6,000 years and arrived on Earth in ancient Sumeria [modern day Iraq]. Here is where the Ancient Aliens mess got started and the Zecharia Sitchin material. Some say Sitchin translated clay tablets [the Annunaki ‘told’ their ‘story’ to Sumerian scribes] and some say he channeled his ‘translations’ from a ‘being’. No one really knows. But, the story is a big, fat lie. The hope was, when the Velon returned en masse, we would embrace them as our ‘creator gods.’ Their story also got tangled up in some of the Hindu Vedas as the Annunaki traveled with migrating Sumerians. They settled in caves in the Himalayan mountains. While there, they, in turn, communicated with H. P. Blavatsky via telepathy and the Theosophy movement was created. The United Nations has several people who follow Theosophy.

      When Velus 1 arrived 1,000 years ago, he discovered his race’s base in Tibet. He didn’t immediately do anything except study. In 1773, he entered Weishaupt [had a seizure & died]. Needless to say, Mayer Rothschild was shocked that his friend was back from the dead. Velus 1 engineered the seizure.

      Velus 1 announced himself to Rothschild, told him he was a ‘god’ and that he could perform ‘miracles’ [try to imagine what it might feel like to be in the presence of a solar-system sized soul talking to you in a human body]. He not only promised control of the world, he offered the Illuminati immortality. There were 19 original members, including five Annunaki that joined via the actual human birth process and, George Washington. Velus 1 became the ‘god’ of the Illuminati as well as the Freemasons.

      There is Akashic evidence that Velus called himself ‘Lucifer’ [using our religious information]. Albert Pike’s writings back this up. Velus 1 eventually discarded his Weisaupt body and went back to his non-physical state. He used the five Annunaki, rotating their human forms, to carry out his orders. Two of them carried instructions to Velus 2. He proceeded to control and influence all kinds of groups and organizations…the Rockefeller family was one. The other Annunaki became ’emissaries’, conducting themselves as a Jesus or Mohammed or Dalai Lama type [the real Jesus was a Full Soul Human, BTW].

      Since we hadn’t managed to kill ourselves off with war, something needed to be done about ‘us’. What followed was channeled propaganda [we must ascend; we must leave the Earth]; celestoriums were built by a group of Hathor that would have removed human souls from their bodies [and removed Earth’s soul]; the Georgia Guidestones; Agenda 21; vaccines; poor medical treatment; GMOs; 5G; etc…

      January 25, 2009, a coup took place via lower members below the Illuminati elite. Velus 1 had been shielding his presence from the Akashic and shielding his followers. The energetic protection was disrupted, information was released to the Akashic and Earth’s guardians went after him [the Velon had acted against the Free Will patterns of this Universe and, in doing so, left two choices…collapse this Universe or banishment]. Velus 1 was removed along with his five Velon emissaries. Seven original Illuminati members…Rothschild, George Washington and five others…crumbled to dust [yes, George Washington finally died in 2009]. The last six original Illuminati were left alive but, were neutralized.

      Unfortunately, it would take someone or something with sufficient energy to make the coup occur. It was another Velon, one referred to as the ‘sixth emissary’. It is in Peru and is still there [as of the writing of his last book in 2011]. The rest running the world consult this one but, he isn’t showcasing himself as a ‘god’.

      99.99% of the whole Velon race(s) rejected what Velus 1 was doing and left to live in another solar system. Some still remain and those are the ones that are STILL causing problems to this day.

      If you have gotten this far, bravo. I will say, tho, that this is just a brush over. It is SO MUCH MORE complicated than the above but, this is as concise as I could be. It’s taken me all afternoon to pull this out of the book in a flow that would make sense.

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        floatinggold said:
        May 16, 2019 at 9:46 AM

        And why is our solar system different? Why does it not have a single consciousness like the others?


          The Hinoeuma responded:
          May 16, 2019 at 2:34 PM

          Like I stated, above, ‘we’ are a test case…is physical life possible. Our solar system is in a remote corner of the Universe…on purpose. Many souls wanted to participate in this experiment. The ‘Creator’ created this Universe with every inhabitant having the free will to choose its actions. The only ‘law’ is that no soul can act in such a way as to remove another’s free will.

          This isn’t our first go ’round, either. I think I have already expressed this…somewhere else. We are in the 2.0 version of our Universe. It has already collapsed, once and, since we are so close to completing The Human Plan, the decision was made not to do it, again, even tho the Velon broke the one & only law.

          To support the physical life at this low a frequency level takes certain conditions. Our solar system is, basically, a petri dish with a lid. We are unique because it was a unique situation.

          Am I making sense? It is very complicated material. I have been studying it for nearly six years & rediscover stuff all the time.

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            floatinggold said:
            May 16, 2019 at 5:17 PM

            So there is a “Creator”?


              The Hinoeuma responded:
              May 17, 2019 at 12:59 AM

              Oh, yes. CT said that there was a memory of ‘IT’ recorded in the Akashic. He also stated that, technically, this thing isn’t even an ‘IT’…existing outside the Universe in what he calls ‘the fields of possibility’. The picture he provided from the memory in the Akashic looks like a galaxy. Basically, our ‘Creator’ is a sentient vortex of energy…and requires no worship.

              Liked by 1 person

                floatinggold said:
                May 17, 2019 at 10:26 AM

                No worship is required, but wouldn’t you want to acknowledge such a powerful entity?


                  The Hinoeuma responded:
                  May 17, 2019 at 3:29 PM

                  You wouldn’t be able to even if you wanted to. From our perspective, we are, roughly, 53 dimensions in size. The Creator is larger than its created Universes…and is outside of its group of Universes. The only souls it can ‘hear/see/feel’ are the largest ones…the ones that make up the Universal envelopes. It can’t hear you.

                  Besides, what requires worship? An ego. It doesn’t have one.

                  Liked by 1 person

                    floatinggold said:
                    May 18, 2019 at 9:16 AM

                    The “can’t hear you part” is not something that I’d believe.


                      The Hinoeuma responded:
                      May 18, 2019 at 2:22 PM

                      Here is an analogy…when walking in your yard or on a city sidewalk, would you be able to notice one little black ant in your travels? Most likely not. You would notice an ant hill. The Creator would not ‘hear’ a small soul’s voice but, would ‘hear’ a larger group in unison. It doesn’t need to be prayed to. It doesn’t control your life. You do.

                      We are all products of the Creator. But, we will never meet the Creator until [1] we decide we no longer wish to exist or [2] the Universe collapses. Should you decide you no longer wish to exist, you will return to that which created you. It will then learn what you learned.

                      There is much to ponder. There was only so much info Chris could get from the Akashic. He also stated that Earth has difficulty hearing individual souls but, can hear the collective will. Some powerful telepaths have the ability to converse with her. Chris was one. Mona Wind in Massachusetts can. She is a powerful psychic.

                      The average person with a head full of political poison or Game of Thrones…nope. Earth would probably hear static…or worse.

                      Liked by 1 person

                      floatinggold said:
                      May 18, 2019 at 3:45 PM

                      I disagree. SOmething so powerful as to create all this would hear a tiny soul. That’s what I choose to believe.


                      The Hinoeuma responded:
                      May 18, 2019 at 8:46 PM

                      That is your prerogative.

                      Liked by 1 person

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