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A great many people seem to be getting bogged down in the concept of humanity, and the planet, “Ascending to the 5th Dimension.” But, what is meant by “The 5th Dimension?” We live in a world we experience as being bounded [sic] by [three] dimensions […]. [T]hese are length, breadth and depth. These are “physical” dimensions, measurements that place us within our spacial environment. Einstein added the concept of a fourth dimension…time, to make sense of his theories on the Space-Time Continuum. In other words, using time in this way is just another physical measurement within our environment. However, once we consider the concept of a 5th dimension, we have to move out of our physical environment and in to the realms of the other definition for a dimension…namely energy.

Everything is energy. What appears to us to be solid, physical matter is, in its basic form, constructed from frequencies of energy that combine together to give us “physical” matter…i.e. the human body, clothing, floorboards, trees, food, etc, etc… Everything we experience as being physical is made up of energy but, our brains interpret these energy patterns (energy frequencies) as being solid, physical matter. The amount of energy contained within solid matter is huge. If you apply Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E=MC2, you will find that the energy contained in physical matter is immense (see Project Human Extinction for an example of just how much).

In this sense, a dimension ceases to be a measurement of physical space and becomes a measurement of energy frequencies. They can be thought of as being like the stations on a radio dial. A radio dial measures energy frequencies, called radio waves and, the station pre-sets are just measurements of the frequencies of the radio waves. So, a dimension can be seen as a collection of energy frequencies with the dimension, itself, being a pre-set marker that contains all of the energy frequencies below the marker but, not the frequencies above.

The concept of humanity “Ascending to a 5th Dimension” is uniquely Velon (Annunaki) in origin. For full details of how the Velon/Annunaki have interfered in human affairs, see The Annunaki Plan? or The Human Plan?. The Velon/Annunaki are a non-human race who have been attempting, by several means, mainly channelling, to persuade humans to leave the planet. As part of this “Plan”, they have concocted the idea of human ascension to a 5th dimension. As someone who “reads” energy frequencies, the 5th dimension does exist but, it is not away from Earth.

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It is very easy to become seduced by the stories produced by the Velon/Annunaki as we live in changing times. Most people are aware that we are changing but, it is difficult to define just what we are changing to especially as we have no previous experience of the kind of change we are undergoing. Into this void of information has stepped the Velon/Annunaki with concepts which appear to hold some value for us at this time. However, it must be remembered that the Velon/Annunaki fantasy story begins many thousands of years ago where they inform us that the Velon/Annunaki created humans (which they call “Adamu”) as a slave race. By planting this fantasy deep into our past, they hoped that, at this time of change, we would welcome them in as our “creators” and, they could take over everything on the planet and lead us to believe everything they tell us.

The Velon/Annunaki are not welcome on Earth. The Earth’s consciousness has rejected them and, so, those who act as guardians of the Earth are ensuring that the Velon/Annunaki do not enter our solar system. To try to overcome their banishment, the Velon/Annunaki have resorted to using channelled communications to try to persuade people to build “portals” that break through the Earth’s defences.

Think of it this way: [I]f the Earth welcomed in the Velon/Annunaki, the first we would know about it was when they landed on the planet. Instead of which, we have had numerous attempts to break through these defences and persuade us on Earth that they are here to help us “ascend.” The more people who believe this propaganda, the more it encourages the Velon/Annunaki to persist, placing the Earth and all of its life in danger (see The Human Soul and Project Human Extinction for a description of the damage the Velon/Annunaki have done to their own worlds and, see Synthesis for a true history of the place humans have in the Universe).

To return to the fifth dimension… As someone who has worked as a psychic surgeon for over thirty years, I studied the energies contained within the human body to help understand why illnesses arose. The human body, in its natural state, contains 13 dimensions of energy, divided between the root and the crown chakras. The 5th dimension relates to [the] region of the body [around your] navel level. I am sure we would all agree that “ascending” to your navel is not a step forwards in human evolution!

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6 thoughts on “Chris Thomas: The Fifth Dimension?

    Dayphoto said:
    July 2, 2021 at 10:06 AM

    Thank you for this!

      The Hinoeuma responded:
      July 2, 2021 at 3:22 PM

      Welcome, Momma! I haven’t posted his stuff in a while with my four month break.

        Dayphoto said:
        July 3, 2021 at 12:17 PM

        It was very enlightening.

          The Hinoeuma responded:
          July 3, 2021 at 3:23 PM

          His material is very eye-opening but, many dismiss it, immediately.

    jgalaz said:
    December 5, 2022 at 3:14 PM

    Interesting reflections but much remains to be explained:
    1) It doesn’t seem logical that humans would welcome the Annunaki simply because they’re our creators. This entirely misses the part where they created us *as slaves*. Most would want freedom from slavery and would not trust those who enslaved us.
    2) Even if the human body in its natural state “contains” 12 dimensions, most people don’t seem to be aware of this. I fail to see how expanding awareness from 3 dimensions to 5 is problematic. It seems helpful. While we seem to be somewhat aware of the 4th dimension, Time, we experience such a tiny sliver of it (a few decades), a snippet, that we can hardly state that we exist in 4 dimensions. We also only experience ONE path in space-time at a time. Meaning that all the alternatives, all the possibilities from decisions and actions we did not take, are not experienced. As such, our conscious perception is one of being bound by 3 spatial dimensions. “Ascending” (increasing our awareness) to the 5th dimension, from which we may acquire full perspective of the 4th dimension (the experience of all possibilities in time), certainly seems more expansive, ‘greater’, than being stuck in 3 dimensions. By all means, if we could ascend to the 12th dimension, that might be even better (in terms of increasing our awareness and bringing us closer to greater enlightenment). If we’re stuck (as a species) in a chakra lower than the navel, certainly ascending to the navel is better than being stuck in lower levels.
    3) Most people wouldn’t be “returning” to the 5th dimension, as most are stuck in the 3rd. The more important question is how to return to the full awareness of the 12 dimensions you claim are “contained” in the human body?

      The Hinoeuma responded:
      December 5, 2022 at 8:37 PM

      1. It wouldn’t be logical at all and they are NOT our creators, nor our enslavers. THEY were hoping we would embrace and believe them, like a “return” of Jesus that the Christians are always begging for. They did attempt a landing in Russia:

      2. That is a typo. The human body has 13 chakras, seven attached to the body and six above. There are many people on the planet aware of the chakra system. Western culture goes out of its way to ignore the data. Expanding awareness from three dimensions to five is problematic because it is Velon/Annunaki nonsense. The fourth dimension isn’t really time. That is just something Einstein came up with to attach to length, depth and height. As a human dimension in the chakra system, the fourth “dimension” is your heart chakra. Prior to 12-21-12, there were fields of possibilities available to us for life path choices. After that Solstice, Project Looking Glass no longer worked and, every remote viewer & psychic could no longer see those fields of possibilities (for forecasting). The Human Plan ended Oct. 29, 2011 with an extension to 12-21-12. We missed our designated reintegration, as too many people couldn’t clean up their lives and we have been interfered with…on so many levels (HAARP, chemtrails, GMOs & 5G towers…the planet is being blanketed with frequencies so low as to keep us blind & stupid, plus, way too many people listened to the channeled garbage from the Velon). WE are NOT ASCENDING anywhere and ASCENDING doesn’t mean “expanding awareness.” As far as the human soul is concerned, IT is, roughly, 50+ dimensions in size. We had to split our souls into two, to be able to operate the human body at the low frequency we were subject to (Earth has since raised her frequency but, too many humans haven’t taken advantage of it). In our reincarnation cycle (the karma that everyone talks about), some souls split themselves into four parts and lived four, different, concurrent lives. We were very busy for 7,000 years gathering knowledge.

      3. I “claim” nothing. This is my blog/website but, the data comes from Chris Thomas, not me. Chris could see chakras. He could see soul origin (six non-physical races & seven semi-physical races, the Velon being one of those races & one race that can’t leave its planet).

      4. You really do need to set aside Velon/Annunaki channeled garbage. Thank goodness 99% of them have been banned and they have gone. There are a few left…asylum seekers on the planet and, unless they have been removed, some in pockets of space.

      5. I would encourage you to read all of Chris’s essays, blog posts & mini-books, listen to his phone interviews and watch his videos. The less you pay attention to Velon garbage, the better off you will be.

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