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TV Tuesday: The Queen Street Gang 1968

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Fifty-five years, ago, today, the British, Thames Television TV show The Queen Street Gang was released. There were nine episodes from Aug. 1 to Sep. 26. Directors were Nicholas Ferguson and Adrian Cooper. Writers were Roy Russell and Desmond Skirrow. The main cast was Sebastian Abineri (Big Bill), Liz Crowther (Phillipa), Len Jones (Sniffer), Anthony Peplow (Speedy), Michael Feldman (Mini Morris), Michael Gwynn (Professor Morris) and Maureen O’Reilly (Mrs. Morris).

Comedy drama series. A group of kids manage to get involved in adventures with spies and the like.

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Well trained, highly organised and working from a secret H.Q., The Queen Street Gang were, undoubtedly, an attempt by Thames television to create a modern day Famous Five. There were even comparisons to be drawn with the Enid Blyton created characters, including one of the children being the daughter of a top secret researcher. The series was based on a 1966 children’s adventure book called The Case of the Silver Egg by Desmond Skirrow and adapted for TV by Roy Russell. The first of the two stories made involved a silver egg that was able to hold all the electricity in the world, which was then stolen by a group of criminals […]. It was up to the gang to recover it, rescue the kidnapped professor and make the world a safer place for us all.

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Noel Onely
January 24, 2019

This series is believed lost. ~Vic

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