Wayback Wednesday: Thanksgiving Tag

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Thankful Heart Image
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My fellow blogger, Bereaved Single Dad requested ABC “what are you thankful for” answers two weeks ago, today (I’m a little late on the uptake…sorry).

[1.] List your ‘thankful’ ABCs.
[2.] Add one theme clip-art to your post.
[3.] Tag three other bloggers that might do the same.

Thankful for…
[A] Acupuncture…My doc helps me SO much. I love my chiro, too but, C was already used.
[B] Bloggers…I learn so much from all of you.
[C] Coffee…It makes me human in the morning. *yawn*
[D] Dragons…I have a stuffed blue one, that roars, that rides shotgun and an invisible in one in my backseat (my bumper sticker says so).
[E] Earth…I agree with Bereaved Single Dad. She is grand.
[F] Friends…They keep me sane.
[G] Grandmothers…They were my salvation.
[H] Home…I have a roof over my head.
[I] Insight…The need to look inward and understand oneself.
[J] Joys…In a world with so much strife, joys, even small ones, are true blessings.
[K] KWG…My Vietnam vet/retired cop. He makes me curse some days but, I make him curse, too.
[L] Love…This one is kind of a given. I have felt it and I have missed it.
[M] Moon…I am a lunar Piscean. Ah-OOOOOOOO!
[N] Namaste…I bow to the divinity in all.
[O] Oliver…My 20lbs ginger Hemingway tomcat. Lawd, he is rotten.
[P] Plants…I have a house full and a yard full. They make me smile
[Q] Questions…I am a curious kitty. Always have been. I am fascinated with what was, what is and what will be.
[R] Relatives…They know me and still claim me.
[S] Sunsets…I am not a morning person. I am a dusk person.
[T] Trees…I have a wonderful Maple in my front yard (that I routinely talk to), a majestic Oak across the street, Japanese Maples in the side yard, a Korean Dogwood in the backyard and an enormous Hackberry that we share with the “behind us” neighbor.
[U] Utensils…Seriously. Unless it’s a sandwich.
[V] Vitality…I seem to be in decent health for my age.
[W] Walking…It clears my head and I always see something new.
[X] (I had trouble with this one…) Ok. Xanadu. It was a silly but, fun Olivia Newton-John movie from 1980. Without it, I wouldn’t have had a theme for my high school pageant.
[Y] Yoga…It keeps me flexible and strong.
[Z] Zippers…That work.

I’m rather late with this for Thanksgiving, so, I will pass on tagging other bloggers. Maybe next year…


The Realm of the Faerie

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Faerie Photo
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

An Article From: The Chris Thomas Files

As we progress through our change of understanding…our increase in levels of consciousness…there is a growing recognition of the levels at which our Earth functions in relation to human existence. That is why many people are now beginning to re-awaken to the reality of the Faerie, which are a construct, a projection, of the Earth’s own consciousness. According to my researches in the Akashic, there are fifty-nine ‘varieties’ of Faerie, which have been created by the Earth herself to look after all of the Earth’s plants, trees and other forms of life. Each form of Faerie has its own role to play and carries out its duties with immense joy and love.

As the Faerie are part of the Earth’s own consciousness, they cannot travel outside the Earth’s atmosphere. The same applies to other planets that have developed their own form of the Faerie. It is not possible for them to leave their home worlds and travel to Earth.

Beings such as Griffins and Unicorns are also part of the Faerie realms and therefore are also brought into being by the Earth. Griffins act as messengers between branches of the Faerie realms, or between the Faerie and humans. If you’ve ever seen a real Unicorn you’ll know they are not fluffy little ponies with a bump on their foreheads! They are magnificent beings the size of a thoroughbred Arab horse, with a temperament to match and, their horns are at least one metre long. Unicorns can also act as messengers. Dragons are a representation of the soul energy of the Earth herself, although this energy can take flight and become the dragons of legend.

Another representation of the Earth’s own energies is the Green Man. He represents an aspect of male energies to complement the female, mother, Earth. Unfortunately, both the dragon and Green Man images have become ‘demonised’ by popular belief, the Green Man having been turned into ‘the devil’ and the dragon into the serpent of the Garden of Eden. Sadly, these ideas have distorted our views of, and beliefs about, the Earth.

As we continue our climb back to full consciousness, many are beginning to realise that our only chance of completing our work is to turn back to Mother Earth and her nurture. Technology will never find lasting answers to the problems its use has created. All the answers we will ever need are to be found in the abundance the Earth has provided and within our own locked-away knowledge of how to use that abundance wisely.

This locked-away knowledge is often more evident to children than it is to adults. To talk of the Faerie, for instance, in adult terms, is at best considered taboo. But if you are a child, the subject is one of awe and recognition. As children we see the world through innocent eyes, eyes that have not been sullied by cynicism and paying bills. In other words, children see the world in which we live with a clarity of being that we adults, in an attempt to ‘grow up’, leave behind. How can you sell double glazing when you believe that you have Faeries ‘at the bottom of your garden’? As adults, we exist in a world where realities become hidden and our beliefs, no matter how false, become realities.

Continue reading or download the PDF version HERE.

[Note: The original article was written & published in 2007 on the now defunct Cygnus Review Blog and re-posted in November 2010.]