Be Your Own Work Of Art

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Everything is beautiful, in its own way…
~ Ray Stevens

I woke up yesterday morning (my birthday) thinking about beauty, individualism and self-expression. So many of us have been brainwashed and trained into not showing our true selves to the world for fear of rejection or reprisal. It is important for our health and well-being to break this indoctrination. It is also just as important to see those around us as equals and appreciate their uniqueness. The differences between us is an art form all unto itself. Our individuality is a canvas…

Like the lyrics in Ray Stevens’ song, I believe everything has beauty.

A tree is its own work of art.

Angel Oak Tree Image
Photo Credit: kitskinny.wordpress.com

A bee is a work of art.

Bee Image
Photo Credit: petsfoto.com

A rain storm or snow storm is a work of art.

Storm Cloud Image
Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Snow Storm Image
Photo Credit: wallpaperup.com

Man paints himself as his own art.

Man Painting Himself Image
Photo Credit: quicklol.com

What will you put on your canvas? How will you express yourself? Do you enjoy the beauty of your fellow humans? Opening your heart to the world is a grand thing. It is also a scary thing, too. No one likes to feel vulnerable especially in this day and age with wars, disease and cruelty. But, if you take a minute…just one minute and think of your own beauty, the artwork that is you, perhaps, your own personal desire for self-love and greatness could be the one intention that could change the world for the better. Try it.

Green-Eyed Redhead Image
Photo Credit: huffingtonpost.com
Carrot Lobster Image
Photo Credit: aaablogs.uoregon.edu
Dog Face Hotdogs Image
Photo Credit: 123inspiration.com
Bald Head Man Face Image
Photo Credit: wendysjourneysthroughlife.blogspot.com
Kitten Paints Image
Photo Credit: catmoji.com
Abstract Sculpture Image
Photo Credit: cs.berkeley.edu
Pen To Paper Image
Photo Credit: erin-oncall.blogspot.com
Man Plays Guitar Image
Photo Credit: guitarplayingsecretsblog.blogspot.com