The Static Blog: Offer Not Refused

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My S.O. is still recovering but, making progress. I have been in a whirlwind of stress since Sept. 2. Fractured hip, surgery at Duke, basal cell carcinoma and skilled nursing/PT/OT at a facility that lived up to its “three star status.” “I am tired” does not even begin to cover it. A titanium walker was purchased. A new, electric recliner that helps you stand was purchased. An Amazon bed railing for support was purchased. Blood thinner injections, thyroid meds & wound care. I’ve gotten a crash course on the home-grade version of being a medic/corpsman, which is what my S.O. had training in, in the military, decades ago.

The above being stated, I was in the process of abandoning my blog. I was wanting to roll back to a Premium status but, would lose the ability to use the Classic Editor (I despise the Block Editor). I requested assistance from the “happiness engineers” and, all of a sudden, “chat” doesn’t work, anymore. So, I sent an email, requesting assistance. If I could not have the Classic Editor with Premium anymore, I would leave and, possibly, head over to Substack. Not long after that, I get an email, offering me a two year plan package with a 20% discount…an offer I could not refuse. Yeah. Ok. I’ll bite. Blog rescued.

I may not blog as much as I did but, I will be around. Thanks for all the well wishes. ~Vic

VOTD: Sleeping Cat

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I don’t remember where I got this and I have no idea where it was taken but, it is dated August 2011. So cute… ~Vic

Video of the Day

Foto Friday: Critter Collections 4.0

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My fourth installment of all things critter. All photos and video are my personal collection. ~Vic
Part I/Part II/Part III

Spiderweb Image One
Lovely web.
Spiderweb Image Two
Spider nowhere to be found.
Stink Bug Image Three
Oh, the stink bugs…
It’s a cat toy when it gets in the house.
Brown Marmorated Halyomorpha Halys
Green Critter Image Four
Grasshopper of some sort.
He seems comfortable on my Coleus.
Garden Spider Image Five
Argiope Aurantia, McKinley spider or zigzag spider.
It maintained a web in the Sedums for several days.
Daddy Longlegs Image Six
Opilione, harvester, harvestman or Daddy Longlegs.
Ever seen a group of them bob? It’s a weird thing to see.
Spider Hole Image Seven
I see feet but, I don’t know what kind it is.
Orb Weaver Image Eight
Neoscona Crucifera, Orb Weaver or big, fat spider on the house.