sunset over the water

Shutterbug Saturday: Sunsets Local 2.0

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First post was over four years, ago. ~Vic

December 2016
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Eno Sunset 2019
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Gold Park Sunset 2021
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Blue Hue 2023
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Foto Friday: Sky Gazing 5.0

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These are companion shots to my POTD: Sunset post, as well as previous Sky Gazing posts. This town can have some of the most glorious sunsets and quirky cloud formations. ~Vic

Eno River Sunset Image One
Standing on the bridge over the Eno River.
Sunset Over Garage Image Two
Walking up to the parking garage.
Sunset Over The Trees Image Three
On top of the garage and the colors develop.
Sunset Over The Building Image Four
Sweeping over the adjacent building.
Sunset Over The Town Image Five
Looking out across the town.
Sunset In Full Bloom Image Six
Breathtaking rich colors and contrasts.