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Foto Friday: Tuesday Evening Trek 2.0

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I suppose I should have labeled the first post as Part I but…I neglected. Oh, well… All photos are my personal collection except the very last one. ~Vic

Tuesday Trek Image One
Portrait angle of the same flower gathering.
Tuesday Trek Image Two
Opposite angle of that big tree.
Tuesday Trek Image Three
Setting sun.
Another flower group.
Bizarre rock pile beyond that.
Tuesday Trek Image Four
There are so many trails that run along the Eno.
So many lovely views…
Tuesday Trek Image Five
I can almost feel the sun’s warmth from this shot.
Tuesday Trek Image Six
Odd porcupine-looking tree formation.
Tuesday Trek Image Seven
What’s left of the old Eno River Pumping Station.
Open Durham Image Eight
Image Credit: opendurham.org
You can see the rock formation I had to climb over on the right.
All that’s left is the base.
Circa 1905

Tuesday Evening Trek

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Dunnagan Trail Image One
All Photos Are My Personal Collection
Flower garden along the Dunnagan Trail Loop.
Dunnagan Trail Image Two
That was one big tree.
Dunnagan Trail Image Three
Entry bridge.
Dunnagan Trail Imge Four
The tiny Dunnagan cemetery.
Dunnagan Trail Image Five
Catharine Link Dunnagan
03-07-1826 to 01-06-1914
Just missed her birthday…
Dunnagan Trail Image Six
Setting sun over the Eno.
Dunnagan Trail Image Seven
I had to climb over that rock formation to the right.
I’m not as agile as I used to be.

This was a two-mile hike after an early dinner. More to come… ~Vic