Foto Friday: Sunsets Local

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Sunset Image One
All Photos Are Personal Collection
Food Lion parking lot as storm clouds rolled through.
Sunset Image Two
My neighborhood.
Sunset Image Three
Evening walk.
Sunset Image Four
Up the street.
Sunset Image Five
Late Spring walk.
Sunset Image Six
Phoenix in the sky.
Sunset Image Seven
Cotton on fire.
Sunset Image Eight
Sunset Image Nine
Sunset blur thru the window.
Sunset Image Ten
Pink glow this past Sunday.

I have SO many pictures to share. ~Vic

Wayback Wednesday: Thanksgiving Tag

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Thankful Heart Image
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My fellow blogger, Bereaved Single Dad requested ABC “what are you thankful for” answers two weeks ago, today (I’m a little late on the uptake…sorry).

[1.] List your ‘thankful’ ABCs.
[2.] Add one theme clip-art to your post.
[3.] Tag three other bloggers that might do the same.

Thankful for…
[A] Acupuncture…My doc helps me SO much. I love my chiro, too but, C was already used.
[B] Bloggers…I learn so much from all of you.
[C] Coffee…It makes me human in the morning. *yawn*
[D] Dragons…I have a stuffed blue one, that roars, that rides shotgun and an invisible in one in my backseat (my bumper sticker says so).
[E] Earth…I agree with Bereaved Single Dad. She is grand.
[F] Friends…They keep me sane.
[G] Grandmothers…They were my salvation.
[H] Home…I have a roof over my head.
[I] Insight…The need to look inward and understand oneself.
[J] Joys…In a world with so much strife, joys, even small ones, are true blessings.
[K] KWG…My Vietnam vet/retired cop. He makes me curse some days but, I make him curse, too.
[L] Love…This one is kind of a given. I have felt it and I have missed it.
[M] Moon…I am a lunar Piscean. Ah-OOOOOOOO!
[N] Namaste…I bow to the divinity in all.
[O] Oliver…My 20lbs ginger Hemingway tomcat. Lawd, he is rotten.
[P] Plants…I have a house full and a yard full. They make me smile
[Q] Questions…I am a curious kitty. Always have been. I am fascinated with what was, what is and what will be.
[R] Relatives…They know me and still claim me.
[S] Sunsets…I am not a morning person. I am a dusk person.
[T] Trees…I have a wonderful Maple in my front yard (that I routinely talk to), a majestic Oak across the street, Japanese Maples in the side yard, a Korean Dogwood in the backyard and an enormous Hackberry that we share with the “behind us” neighbor.
[U] Utensils…Seriously. Unless it’s a sandwich.
[V] Vitality…I seem to be in decent health for my age.
[W] Walking…It clears my head and I always see something new.
[X] (I had trouble with this one…) Ok. Xanadu. It was a silly but, fun Olivia Newton-John movie from 1980. Without it, I wouldn’t have had a theme for my high school pageant.
[Y] Yoga…It keeps me flexible and strong.
[Z] Zippers…That work.

I’m rather late with this for Thanksgiving, so, I will pass on tagging other bloggers. Maybe next year…